Live in the Place you’re Planted

It’s starting to finally cool down here in Tucson and I’m reminded that, yes, it is actually Fall! This is the season I LOVE! I soaked in walking the trails to view the changing leaves in Cedar Falls. The days were long and perfect to ride a bike on the trails and catch an outdoor festival of some sort almost any weekend of the season.

Here, I’ve found that it’s harder to find that. There isn’t the changing of leaves and the smell of crisp “Fall-ness” in the air, but the weather is finally chilly enough to put on a sweatshirt (with sandals of course) in the morning and evening hours. It’s harder to find the Fall festivities, but they are here, you just have to search harder.

IMG_0842.JPGLast weekend my husband and I drove two hours to a pumpkin patch! It was a fun afternoon filled with a corn maze, hay ride, picking pumpkins, & eating kettle corn. It wasn’t the same as our childhood memories because we were HOT, but we were creating our own memories. Here. Where we live.

That is what I’ve been learning the past few years of living in a completely foreign landscape. I live HERE. We are all called to live in the place that God has us, not to just “get by”. How often I would spend my days on the couch just getting by another day until Jason came home! That’s not living and that’s not what God wants for me! It’s not what He wants for you either! Contentment has been a struggle for the better part of my entire life. Living in a place that’s not my favorite has been quite the lesson for me to see the gifts and beauty of this place.

So what does living in the place I’m planted look like? I’m not completely sure on this one yet, but I know that it does mean that during this season where I can finally be outside I will take advantage of it. I’ll take walks and wave to my neighbors. I’ll head to farmer’s markets and I’ll do my research to find the events in and around Tucson that Jason and I can attend. I’ll have coffee dates with friends outside. And hopefully, I’ll continue to find the beauty in where we live.

How do you live in the place you’re planted?




  1. Mauri Moss says:

    Sarah, as we in the midwest enjoy fall, the looming thought of winter is ever present! Oh, how I dislike winter. The cold, snow, ice, wind….all of it. Ugh. But you have inspired me to figure out how I can “live where I am planted”. I know that God has placed my family in Wisconsin. Now it’s time for me to live and live life to the fullest! Thanks for posting this today! Mauri

  2. Meg Greving says:

    Oh Sarah, I needed to read this so badly today. I’m so sick of California (never expected that!), and want to move away and never come back because it’s so difficult to make friends the caliber of Iowans! I wish we lived closer so we could go exploring together:) Thanks for sharing, I’m going to try harder to enjoy where I am, and quit wishing it away so much.

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