my halfway update

I’ve been asked a few times how I’ve been using my time rather than watching TV during the daytime hours and at night. I anticipated for the days to be filled with interesting endeavors, a heightened sense of productivity and more physical activity.

In some ways that’s been true the past two weeks. I have been able to stay up to date on housework and I’ve finally crossed off some things from my list that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time (i.e. thank you cards). I also started swimming-a true gift to my aching back!

But mostly, my time has been filled with writing and sleeping. LOTS and lots of naps and early bed times.

I had no idea entering into the month of October just how exhausted I would still be from growing this little baby! I can see how choosing to say no to television this month has been a blessing for my body because I’m actually getting the rest that I need rather than pushing myself to stay up for one more show in the evening or not truly napping during the day, but “resting” by watching TV.

The lack of a my favorite distraction has also allowed me to spend more time writing, something I truly enjoy. Most of my writing is what is posted here, but I’ve also been writing just for myself. And I’d like to see that happen more often.

The next two weeks of this challenge, I’m hoping to add some more creative endeavors during my daytime hours, but I’m also okay if all I do is take two-hour naps still. As I tell my husband, “I am being creative! There’s a baby being created in me!” 🙂

As I’m writing this I’m very exhausted, so there won’t be much content. I will leave you with this one question though…

If you were able to go 2-4 weeks without your favorite distraction, how would you use the extra time in your current season to would best fit your needs for your daily life?


This post is part of a 31 day series of Living Unplugged with The Nester. You can find the list of my other posts here.

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