10 Signs You’re Watching too much TV


photo by  Sebastian Muller

If you’re wondering if maybe you watch too much TV, here are a few signs that maybe you should turn off the TV more…

1. A common conversation starter is based on what TV show you’re currently watching.

2. Your dreams are filled with characters from your current show obsession.

3. It’s common to sit down to watch one episode then 3 hours or more pass and you’re still on your couch zoned out on the TV.

4.  Your friends and family question the ability you have to separate reality vs. your show.

5. Bedtime keeps being pushed back because you had to watch just one more show.

6. You don’t have enough time to exercise, but enough time to watch two hours of TV 3-5 times a week.

7. Similar to number 6-there’s not enough time to read a book, but there’s plenty of time to watch a 45 minute show.

8. You can sing or hum the tune of multiple theme songs.

9. You find yourself relating to the characters on your show more than the ones in real life.

10. Show-specific slangs and phrases have become a part of your vocabulary.

Some of these were to make you laugh on your Monday! Others, hopefully caused you to stop and think about how much time you are investing in television, or maybe something else that is distracting you from “real life”. Some of these were definitely true about me prior to this month!

I hope when this challenge is over, I will be able to make wiser choices on what I allow myself to watch. I know some of you have decided to join in with me this month and I hope you’ve seen benefits and will be able to carry it one after this.

Have a GREAT Monday!


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