Embracing the Quiet

Day11embracingthequietphoto by Anton Sulsky

There’s a quiet in our home that hasn’t been here for a long time. Maybe it’s because Fall has finally arrived so the air conditioner is on its winter break or maybe it’s because my heart has found a peace outside of my circumstances.

If you were to walk into our home today, you would find the remnants of our yard sale everywhere. Boxes of goodwill donations placed by the door. Piles of books and movies from the entertainment center we chose to sell. Tables and chairs we need to give back to their owners. The cluttered list could go on.

Two weeks ago this heart of mine wouldn’t be quiet because the state of this house would be causing an ever-increasing bout of anxiety. Choosing to not watch television but instead connect and create has brought my heart peace. Something I had hoped would happen, but didn’t fully understand the depths of the benefits.

At the Influence Conference, Shauna Niequist said, “Writers who read poor quality material tend to write poor quality.” It is true for what we watch as well. When we allow ourselves to ingest mediocre television shows, our own creative abilities are stifled. These past 11 days of being intentional with my reading and viewing on social media has allowed me to have more peace and freedom to express myself in not just my writing, but in the way  I’m living.

As I step away from social media again this weekend, I want to encourage you to join me. Embrace the “real life” community and experiences that this weekend will bring. Seek to find the beauty of the Artist in us all.


This post is part of a 31 day series of Living Unplugged with The Nester. You can find the list of my other posts here.



  1. Neat to read about how it’s making a difference in your life….encouraging to me since TV can also be my downfall!

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