An Unexpected Blessing


I have a yet another confession. Before I started the living unplugged challenge, my husband and I would eat our dinner while watching our current, favorite TV show.

Every night.

(except on date nights and nights people came to our house…you have to use the table at some point!)

It was a bad habit that we started long ago. One we always had high intentions of changing, but never followed through. We were tired after long days of working and serving. We both easily are drawn to the same style of TV shows and we can’t. stop. watching.

In many ways, it was a way we bonded and enjoyed one another’s company. In other ways, we missed out on conversations and savoring the delicious food my husband concocts in the kitchen.

Last week when this whole thing started, Jason decided to take the plunge with me because he too wanted to unplug and find enjoyment in things outside of the 42” box in our living room. I’m so glad that he is doing this along with me!

Little did we know that 9 days into our TV-less household we would discover that our favorite part of the evening would be sharing a meal together at our dinner table. We share about more areas of life, discuss what we have been reading or thinking about, dream big dreams together, and hash out our family’s future. It’s been such a blessing.

I think Jason would say the same thing…(he just nodded in agreement).

Is there a routine in your family’s evening you’ve wanted to change?  I encourage you…do it! Maybe it’s picking one night a week to not watch TV together and play a game, or maybe it’s a change in bedtime routine, or you head to bed 30 minutes earlier to read that book you’ve been wanting to start…give it a try. It may end up being the biggest blessing you could imagine.

This post is part of a 31 day series of Living Unplugged with The Nester. You can find the list of my other posts here.


  1. Loving your blog Sarah. Today’s resonates with me as when the kids were small it was in fro t of the TV after a long hard day’s work. When we moved to my mom’s all that changed. When Bill came into the picture even more. All for the better! Thanks

  2. Erin Foster says:

    Love your new blog and today’s hit home with me. We didn’t have a kitchen table until we moved into our house and my favorite part of the day is sitting down at the table. It doesn’t matter if we’re eating a wonderful meal or mac and cheese with fishsticks…it’s my favorite party 🙂

  3. love your confession… we eat at the table, but I’m now thinking about how important it is to stick to that!

  4. courtneylaib says:

    Love it!!

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