Hidden in our Abba Father

Day8of #31days

I’ll be honest. Yesterday I really wanted to watch TV. I was feeling worn down from the weekend’s events and was suffering from a pregnancy headache…or it could have been from lack of caffeine….

I had plenty of things that I could have been doing in my house since it currently looks like we are moving (a visitor asked if we were moving…umm no our house just looks like this). I could have read my books, called a friend, wrote, spent more time reading God’s Word (the list could go on), but all I wanted to do was lose myself in someone else’s story and hide from the pulls of this world by watching TV.

I refrained…barely.

It’s days like yesterday that I’m reminded of my natural tendency to run towards the things of this world to mend the broken places of my heart. Whether it’s food, TV, social media, or sleep; I barely ever first run to Jesus. The One who knows my heart and can bear every burden. The One who pursues me and heals my hurts. Lord, change my heart!

I knew in my heart the best choice would have been to spend a little more time with Jesus. Allowing the quiet moments of the day to be devoted to meditating on His faithfulness in every season, especially on these days when I feel weak. But instead I let worry and distraction win. I may not have watched TV, but I found plenty of other ways to distract my heart.

Last night as I recounted my day, I realized that there’s no need to feel guilty about having an “off” day. We all have them and God’s grace is sufficient to carry me through. It’s in those days that I’m reminded of the depth of my Father’s love and find that when I confess my striving, He is ever so faithful. Even when I spend a days ignoring His gentle whispers to meet Him in the quiet, He is still there when I return, in fact He never left my side.

Psalm 92:1-2 “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

What a beautiful picture of God’s love for His children. My Abba Father promises to cover me and be so near that His shadow falls on me! He is my strong fortress who protects and gives me rest. What better place to lose myself than in His everlasting arms? What better place for you to find respite from the arrows of this world?!

Lord, remind us today that we are hidden in your strong arms and we have no need to run to after other comforts that only put a band-aid on our brokenness. Thank you for meeting us in our mess and healing our hearts.

This post is part of a 31 day series of Living Unplugged with The Nester. You can find the list of my other posts here.


  1. Good words, friend. I am so there with you. I often am frustrated that I usually run to the things of this world before i run to Jesus to comfort my heart. Thanks for the reminder/challenge. Love your heart.

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