what I did instead…

broken tv

The first five days of living unplugged are complete and I’ve been able to stay away from all my favorite shows! Yay!!

Here are some of the things that I did instead:

  • I wrote…A LOT! I’m not used to writing this month and I’ve blogged every day since Sunday. I’ve found that it is true that when I’m not filling my mind with meaningless content, my words and ideas come quicker.
  • I finally did a little deep cleaning in this house. My energy levels had been so low that it was a win if I just kept up with the dishes the past month or two. I was able to sweep & mop our floors (our whole house is laminate wood), clean the bathrooms (ick!), and purge my closet & DVD’s.
  • We are having a yard sale today, so I spent a lot of time advertising, organizing the chaos, purging, & making baked goods. Pray with us that it is somewhat successful!
  • I slept. I’m still a tired pregnant lady, so I am still sleeping at least 75 minutes during the afternoon. Once it cools down, I’m hoping to use that time to go for walks or to read outside.
  • My husband and I had hard, amazing conversations about our future and our thoughts on different aspects of life. Having the evenings just to ourselves without the distraction of the TV has really opened up our ability to converse about different topics and it’s been wonderful!

Next week, I’m hoping to read more and maybe…just maybe…pull out the sewing machine! Mom would be proud.

I have received a few emails and message from people that some of you are also committing to living unplugged this month. How is it going? What did you do?

Happy Saturday!


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