Living…for as long as I’m here


This morning I was preparing to write about the lies I had believed about not being created as a creative being, but then a text came in through my phone that rocked me. I knew it was coming some day, but I had hoped it never would.

One of my husband’s dearest friends from work had called Jason to let him know that he would not be coming in to work today. His daughter was going to pass away today or in the next few days. She had been suffering for a long time and there were hopes that she would be able to fight the terrible cancer that wrecked her body, but her body just couldn’t hang on any more.

She’s 23 years old.  She’s my sister’s age.

Even now I’m in tears of the injustice of cancer and how it takes lives too soon. I hate it.

Her life was too short. And it reminds me that NONE of us can count on living a long life.

But we can still live a FULL life.

For THIS reason, I have committed to living unplugged this month. I want to see the beauty around me in new ways. I want to invest in my relationships that provide real life fulfillment more than invest in the world of social media that only offers cheap entertainment and not-so-real community. I want to go deeper with Jesus and experience the fullness of Life that He promises.

So this weekend, I’m also unplugging from the Bermuda Triangle. No Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter from Friday night until Sunday night. There will still be posts up this weekend to keep with my 31 day challenge, but I won’t be here.

I will be out there. Living. Laughing. Connecting. Embracing the LIFE that God has called me to for however long He wants me here.

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