if any of you were wondering…

I realized yesterday that I never posted an update on my consultation with the high risk pregnancy doctor.

All is well with tiny twig! And as of right now, my body is functioning just fine with this new little one growing in me. I do have to return for some blood work in 8 weeks to check to see if I test positive for some long, fancy medical term issue. If that’s the case then they will put me on blood thinners till this little one enters the world.

Thankfully, the doc was not concerned and said I looked to be progressing smoothly! Praise Jesus!

Thanks for your prayers and kind thoughts as we waited to hear if there would be any complications. There is still possibility for a risk, but this little baby is in the hands of God and I am thankful.

We are praising God that we are 12 weeks as of yesterday! Here is are some images to make you smile today…


There’s a little bump happening!

Image 1Hi Tiny Twig!!

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