#31days of Living Unplugged

How is it that tomorrow is October 1st? It seems like it was just yesterday we committed to adopting internationally, yet SO much life has been lived between then and now. SO MUCH.

I’ve been wanting to commit to writing more consistently for roughly 6 months and haven’t truly fallen into a rhythm quite yet. Last week I saw that The Nester was starting her 31 day challenge again on October 1st. Coupled with the inspiration I gained by the community of other bloggers at the Influence Conference this weekend & my desire to focus on the craft of writing, I knew that now was as good a time as any to start commit to this challenge.

I may be a little behind the eight-ball with planning, scheduling, and writing for this challenge, but that’s what makes this a challenge right?! right…

Essentially, the 31 day challenge is to write about a general theme for 31 days straight. As I was brainstorming & praying what I could write about for the next 31 days, I thought about some of the distractions in my life that were hindering me from living with more creativity, margin & intentionality. The one thought that continued to nag at me was the amount of television I watch throughout my day. Tomorrow I will reveal just how much tv I watch…

being vulnerablei can do this


For the next 31 days I am committing to not watching television (except for NFL football & specific college football teams for the sake of my husband & my fantasy football team). I am dedicating that precious time to invest in creative endeavors, relationships, my home, my well being, and whatever else the Lord decides to do in my heart and life.

So, starting tomorrow-I will be posting every day about Living Unplugged. Some of the things I want to explore are the importance of margin, relationships, and intentionality; the value of living free from distraction; reasons I escape to television and why others may; what is creativity & how we are all creative beings; how I use the hours of my day that I now have back; and will this challenge really change the way I live my life.

I’m so very excited to start this challenge tomorrow and slightly terrified.

Come back tomorrow to hear more about my heart behind taking on this challenge. Have you ever done a 31 day challenge with The Nester? Are you doing the challenge this year? I’d love to hear from you.

See you tomorrow!



  1. I am always absolutely amazed at how much more time I seem to have when I cut out tv..it’s crazy!

  2. Good for you! I totally wanted to do this challenge but backed out…maybe next year!! Look forward to reading about your month!

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