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I’m not sure if I have all the words to say about this weekend quite yet. Currently I’m sitting on my hotel bed while my roommates have begun the travel home to their families. My flight, on the other hand doesn’t leave for 11 more hours, so I have plenty of time to process through the teaching, the conversations, and the work the Lord did in my heart. I doubt that it will all be combed through in this short time, but it’s the start.

Walking through the weekend with new friends, listening to the words of the speakers that seemed to come straight from heaven to their lips, I had one word on my heart that lingered throughout every minute of my day. Tender.  Jesus was deeply tender towards me. His grace was evident in the words spoken through the speakers, through the community leaders, and through every conversation. This weekend the Holy Spirit softened my heart, specifically through Jess Thompson’s message on our identity in Christ (if you can get your hands on her talk, please do-it was powerful). The grace and the gospel that poured out from her lips Friday morning left me, and every person sitting in the room, a weepy, thankful, humble mess. I had not realize  how much I was not believing and living in the goodness of God, the love of God, and the beauty that He has in store for me. Her message deserves a post of it’s own for I won’t it justice here. It was that good.

The Lord met me here and as I type these words, my eyes fill with tears and my heart rejoices because I know that my Jesus loves me, He sees me, and He knows my hurts, my worries, my pain, my fears and He says “I’m here, Sarah. I’ve got this. You don’t have to keep striving to be something I’ve already made you. I am in you and that. IS. ENOUGH.” Thank you, sweet Jesus.

I came into this weekend assuming I would learn more about the how-to’s of blogging & writing, but now that I’m on the flip-side I learned the better thing. I did learn more of how I can speak life and love on this blog, to you my reader, but what truly happened was that God spoke life and love to ME in such a way that I do not ever want to let the cloud of busyness and fear block the intimate communion that I already have with Jesus again. I woke up this morning with the prayer on my heart, “Keep me tender, Lord Jesus. Keep me tender today, tomorrow, and the next. I want to hear your words of LOVE above the noise of this world that speaks striving & condemnation.”

There will be more about the Influence Conference coming this week and the weeks after, but these thoughts…these are the raw thoughts of a weary woman who met Jesus in a whole new way.

Jesus, keep me tender.




  1. Beautiful, Sarah. Oh I wish I would’ve gone. Sounds like exactly what your heart needed. I love incredible, holy moments of sweet communion with Jesus. So glad you had such an incredible weekend. I am going to have to attend next year!!

  2. Sarah, what a meaningful prayer – Jesus, keep me tender. I’m so glad that the Lord met you as you trusted Him in going to Influence. I’m praying this prayer for myself tonight, too!

  3. Love it Sarah. I too walked away with way more moments with Jesus and people, than I did practical blogging tips. And that’s prefectly fine in my book. Love the prayer you prayed. It’s so good I may have to steal it:) Thanks for sharing when your heart was still raw. Can’t wait to read more.

  4. I loved meeting you and hearing some of your amazing story of how your family is coming together!

  5. These are convicting thoughts, expressed beautifully. I didn’t hear Jess’s session at Influence, but I can’t wait for the recording!

  6. ooh tender. God spoke rest and community over me. I’m so looking forward to the release of the sessions so I can listen to those I missed (like Jess’). It sounds amazing.

  7. Beautiful.


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