And We Are Adopting From…..



We are thrilled to share this with you! We have been telling our family and friends over the past three weeks that this was the route we were taking, but to announce it to the blogging world is so exciting because it makes it feel so much more real! We can’t post online the name of the country for safety and privacy policies, but we can tell people in person or phone, so if you’re interested in more of the details, please let us know! I’d be happy to talk with you more about where!

Reality hit when we sent our amazing agency our initial fee for adoption!

Our next step in the process is to complete the home study. Thankfully, we had already started our home study paperwork with Christian Family Care and they are able to complete that with us! Once our home study is complete and submitted for approval we will begin the process of completing our dossier (a big pile of paperwork). Have I lost any of you yet! ūüôā

It’s a lot to take in for Jason and me at times, but as my friend reminded me today…”Keep the end in sight”. In a matter of 14 months we will have two beautiful children in our home that were once orphans but are now our sons/daughters. Every time I think about that my heart hurts a little and I’m not there to hold them, but thankfully God is at their side.


Our next payments will total to be about $7,000. Once we are at that point we will be able to apply for grants to help cover some of the costs as well. Would you pray alongside of us that between now and February 21st the money for the second payment would be provided?


  1. So excited to go along with you on your journey! We have friends at church adopting through DRC too. So happy for you!


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