On Turning One

Last week my baby girl turned one year old. It was a week filled to the brim with joy and reminiscing. It’s amazing how much life can change over the course of one year. And it is an incredible thing to witness God’s handiwork in creating and growing life in the first year of a baby. […]

Naomi Elizabeth’s 8, 9, & 10 Month Update

So yeah…you could say that I fell off the bandwagon of writing Naomi’s monthly updates! Week after week of not writing them, I began to feel more and more guilty that it wasn’t happening. And finally, I let myself off the hook. No one was breathing down my neck to make sure Naomi had a monthly […]

What I’m Reading | Feb 2015

I have a goal of reading 30 books this year, the year I turn 30! Here are the books I read in February: 1. The Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegal  Over the past year and a half, I have become a brain nerd. When we started our adoption education, we learned just how much […]

Goals with Grace – March

This past Christmas Jason gifted me with Lara Casey‘s powersheets to help me define my goals and have a clearer focus and plan of action for the things that matter most to me. I took the month of January to rest and recap my previous year rather than rush into making goals for the sake of making […]

A Fresh Start

If you’re coming to my blog, you may have noticed that I changed the header to Simply Sarah. Over the past few months, I’ve been finding ways to simplify my life so I could simply live out a life of love and freedom. That’s one reason I haven’t touched this space for months. I wasn’t […]

7 months…and 2 weeks

I’m fairly late in sharing Naomi’s 7 month post, mainly because she has been keeping me BUSY!! This past month was such a blur with flying to Vegas for a conference, Thanksgiving, my husband traveling multiple times for work and family…it’s just been a full season of life. And I’m loving it! I may be […]

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